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Grout Pump

A grout pump is a mechanical device used to transport grout, a slurry of cementation material, water, and additives, to a construction site. Grout pumps are typically portable piston-type pumps.

These pumps are custom-made to meet the stringent requirements of the construction industry.

The machine structure is simple and compact, and the operating principle is dependable. The pump body is constructed of a high-strength, wear-resistant alloy of cast iron with a long service life.

Regarding concrete equipment rental and sales, Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd is your go-to source. We have a variety of local and branded pumps available, including those used to transport concrete, screed, and mortar. Pipeline add-ons and pump replacement components are also available from us. Our rental grout pump produces excellent results in terms of both quality and productivity.

You are at the right place to rent, purchase, or repair a grout pump. We have a large selection of new and used internationally recognised grout pumps from the United States, China, Europe, and Japan.

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