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CIMAR Cementitious Grout Pump with Hopper (Made in Singapore by Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd)


CIMAR CSGP-1D manual grout pump is designed for most commercial available cementitious grouts. This manual type grout pump can be used in pumping cement grout to fill cracks and voids. With its size and weight advantages, it is portable and able to accomplish tasks, where the job is too small, justify sending out an engine-powered grouting rig, or the grout site that is hard to reach with a piece of full-size equipment.


Technical Specifications


What is a grout pump?


A grout pump is a hand-operated, self-priming, positive piston pump designed to firmly press cement or grout mixture into any grounds or structure that needs repair or construction. The process mentioned is what is referred to as grouting. This process is used when leveling out concrete slabs, sure-up hollow door frames, raising up sunken floors and waterproofing jobs.


Cracks, open joints, voids, and honeycombs in structural elements made of concrete or masonry can be filled using the injection grouting technique. This is performed under compression with a grout substance that cures to achieve the intended objectives, like reinforcing a building and avoiding water infiltration.


A wide variety of mechanical injection packers and pumping systems are available through our organization, which is a leader in the grout injection pump rental, sales, and repair industry. Pumps can handle anything from a watery solution to a thick grout thanks to their adaptable design and a wide range of hoses and fittings.


Our branded pressure pumps are simple to service, dependable, and user-friendly. Our pumps function admirably at low and high speeds of product flow, and airflow can be easily adjusted. Our pumps' primary fluid tubes offer relatively broad internal clearances, allowing for the passage of fluids with an excellent range of viscosities.

Cementitious Grout Pump with Hopper-CIMAR

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