COMBI 250VA 10inch (Made in Italy) Tile & Stone Saw
Today’s tile and stone pieces are larger and more expensive than in years past. Consequently, architects and their clients want the pieces set very close together for that striking “slab look”. This requires accurate, chip-free cutting performance. Now includes a laser guide. The Combi 250VA delivers this performance for the most demanding installations, day after day.


350/1200 iPower Stone Saw
This is The Best Tile, Stone & Masonry Saw in the World! The all-new 350/1200 iPower is more powerful and accurate than ever before. The new 4 h.p. motor combined with the laser guide ensures that cuts are made quickly and accurately. Tile and stone installers, masons, precast fabricators, landscapers, and general contractors across America are putting the 350/1200 iPower to the test. Cut 24”x24” pavers on a diagonal, 48” pieces of marble and granite up to 4 ¾” in depth. This saw is versatile and reliable.


Technical Specifications


What is a masonry table saw?

Masonry table saws can be used to cut brick, block, or stone. Simple to operate. Typical table saws are equipped with a 14- or 20-inch-diameter blade, blade guard, 1.5 to 10-hp motor, water pan and pump, and a conveyor cart.

Masonry Table Saw

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