Selecting  Floor Preparation Equipment

Nine Grades of Surface Roughness


Acid Etched


Medium Shotblast




Medium Scarification


Light Shotblast


Heavy Abrasive Blast


Light Scarification




Heavy Scarification

The most effective reference tool for determining concrete surfaces profile is the moulded rubber comparator chips, available from the international concrete repair institute. These samples replicate nine grades of surface roughness and designed for direct visual and tactile comparison to the concrete surface in question. There is no definitive text description for the nine grades.


Shotblasting propels steel shot against the concrete surfaces by means of a wheel. The impacts of the shot pulverize concrete and roughen the surface. Shotblasting is a preferred method for cleaning and profiling horizontal surfaces and has same applications as abrasive blasting.


A scarifier consists of rows of toothed washers assembled on steel rods that are mounted to a rotating steel drum. As the drum spins, the washers strike the surface, fracturing and pulverizing concrete and producing a striated pattern. Scarifier only works on horizontal surfaces.


Scabblers feature multiple pointed piston heads, pneumatically driven that pound the surface, chipping and crushing it. They produce coarse, irregular surfaces and are often used to demolish high-spot concrete debris.


Grinding removes protrusions, surface contaminants and produces a smooth or polished surface, depending on the roughness of the abrading discs. The disc is moved at right angles to the surface and may leave circular patterns or gouges in the surface.

Hammers with different heads can be fitted for various purposes, such as removing residues or even breaking up concrete or sandstone. Because they are not really designed for removing the concrete surface, a CSP number is not relevant to their operation.

Acid etching of the concrete floor is mainly used for light-duty removal of weakly bonded laitance layer. The acid etching does not remove surface contaminants, which must be removed before the acid etching process.

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