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Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd offers sales and rental of unique construction equipment and machinery.  We supply portable screw pumps, portable grout pumps, portable PU/epoxy pumps, wall sanders, spiked shoes, spiked rollers, gloss meters, Mohs hardness test kits, slump test kits, water dosing meters, concrete rebound hammers, and tower lights.

  1. Wall sander: A wall sander is a power tool used to sand walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces to remove paint, smooth rough spots, or prepare the surface for repainting.

  2. Spiked roller: A spiked roller is a tool used to apply paint, adhesive, or other materials to a wall or other surface. It has spikes or studs that help to grip and distribute the material evenly.

  3. Spiked shoes are footwear with metal spikes attached to the sole, designed to provide traction on slippery or uneven surfaces. They are commonly used in construction and maintenance work on slippery or muddy surfaces. Spiked shoes come in different designs, with varying numbers and lengths of spikes to accommodate different types of surfaces and activities. The spikes can be easily removed or replaced, allowing the shoes to be adapted to different conditions as needed.

  4. Gloss meter: A gloss meter is a device used to measure the shine or gloss of a surface, such as paint, plastic, or metal.

  5. Concrete rebound hammer tester: A concrete rebound hammer tester is a device used to test the hardness of concrete. It works by firing a spring-loaded hammer at the concrete and measuring the rebound of the hammer.

  6. Mohs hardness test kit: A Mohs hardness test kit is a set of tools used to determine the hardness of minerals or other materials. It is based on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

  7. Water dosing meter: A water dosing meter is a device used to measure and control the flow rate of water in various applications, such as water treatment or chemical processing.

  8. Manual grout pump: A manual grout pump is a hand-operated pump used to pump grout, cement, or other materials into cracks, holes, or other hard-to-reach areas.

  9. Portable screw pump: A portable screw pump is a type of pump that uses a rotating screw to move fluids or other materials. It is designed to be easily transported and used in various locations.

  10. An epoxy injection pump is a device used to dispense two-part epoxy resins into cracks, voids, or other areas to reinforce and repair concrete structures. The epoxy pump is designed to mix the two parts of the epoxy in the correct proportion and apply the mixture under pressure. This process helps to ensure that the epoxy resin fills the entire crack or void and provides a strong, permanent bond. Epoxy injection pumps are commonly used in construction, engineering, and concrete repair applications.

  11. Tower lights are tall, portable lighting systems used to illuminate large outdoor areas, such as construction sites, events, or emergency response zones. They typically consist of a tall tower or mast, a generator, and one or more lights. The tower is designed to be easily transported and set up in various locations, and the generator provides power for the lights. The lights can be adjusted to aim in different directions, providing bright, even lighting over a large area. Tower lights are commonly used in construction, events, emergency response, and other applications where temporary lighting is needed in large, open areas.

Special Equipment Machines

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