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A DIAMOND rebar bender is a machine used to bend reinforcing steel bars (rebars) in construction and metalworking. The DIAMOND brand rebar bender is a type of electric rebar bending machine, designed to bend rebars into various shapes and angles. Rebar benders are typically used in construction and other industries where rebars need to be bent to specific shapes and angles for use in concrete reinforcement. The DIAMOND brand rebar bender is available in different sizes and capacities.

DIAMOND DBR-32HD (Made in Japan)

A dual-purpose tool that cleanly straighten and bend rebars and functions as a bender. It can take a load of 620N/m2 tensile strength rebar up to 32mm.


Technical Specifications


What is a portable rebar bender?

A portable rebar bender is mainly used for a minor job of bending or straightening carbon steel round steel at the job site. 

Rebar Bender-DIAMOND

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