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A ride-on scrubber is a type of floor cleaning machine designed for large-scale cleaning operations. The HTG brand ride-on scrubber is a type of floor cleaning machine that is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and municipal cleaning applications. Ride-on machine floor scrubbers typically consist of a battery-powered machine with a platform for the operator to sit, and a scrubbing head that rotates and applies cleaning solution to the floor. The machine is driven by the operator and can cover large areas quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for cleaning large facilities, warehouses, and other large spaces.

HTG Scrubber-Ride-on (Made in China)

HTG 70-55D ride-on machine floor scrubbers offer the most cleaning power and comfort. Designed for industrial use, these robust floor washing and cleaning machines are capable of cleaning up to 4500 square meter per hour.


Technical Specifications


What is a floor scrubber?

A machine floor scrubber is a cleaning device. It can be in a form of walk-behind or ride-on machines to clean larger floor areas by injecting water with cleaning solution, scrubbing, and lifting the residuals off the floor.


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