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Selecting wire size for equipment

Power cable  maintenance tips

1. Make sure three active lines and the earth line is well connected when machine is 380V or 220V three phase.

2. Earth line must be connected for safety (do not mix the earth line and neutral) and assemble a breaker at the panel.

3. Never do the wiring when power is on.

4. Check the quality of cables before wiring; No broken insulating layer or short circuit.

5. There should be no loose end on cable terminals after wiring.

6. Check power supply matches the machine motor voltage.

7. Test the power leakage protection device is working properly to prevent any electrical hazards.

Cable Size Selection, Copyright © techrutoR, Mazedur Rahman

The recommended wire sizes listed below are for wire length within 50 meters. If the wire length is more than 50 meters, the size should be one grade thicker.

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