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CIMAR Scarifier CES-200 series (Made in Singapore by Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd)

A CIMAR scarifier is a machine used for removing material from concrete or asphalt surfaces in order to prepare the surface for resurfacing or repair work. The CIMAR brand scarifier is a type of floor preparation machine that uses cutting tools, such as carbide cutters or steel teeth, to remove material from the surface. Scarifiers are typically used in construction, paving, and other industries where concrete or asphalt surfaces need to be prepared for repair or resurfacing work.

A CIMAR scarifier comes with different types of cutting blades to suit different types of operations. This machine is capable of roughening the surface, leveling the uneven surface, removing mastic, removing adhesive, removing the rubberized coating, and repairing common slab problems such as curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs and burned areas from over trowelling. Different cutting tools can be attached to the drum for the removal of scale and rust from steel surfaces. Scarifier Machine can also be used to remove epoxy coatings, thermoplastic coatings, floor paint, and traffic lines.


Technical Specifications


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What is a floor scarifier?

Scarifiers, also called surface planers or milling machines, remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders. That's because they use the pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rotate at high speeds to chip away at the concrete surface.


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