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The Collomix Portable Paddle Mixer is a type of construction equipment used to mix various materials, such as paint, concrete, mortar, or other similar substances. It is designed to be portable, allowing for easy transportation and use at different job sites. Some common features of the Collomix Portable Paddle Mixer include a durable mixing paddle, a powerful motor, and user-friendly controls for easy operation. The mixer is designed to provide a fast, efficient, and consistent mixing process, helping to reduce the amount of manual labor required during construction projects. These mixers are widely used in the construction and renovation industries and are valued for their versatility, low maintenance requirements, and performance.

Collomix Xo 55 duo (Made in Germany)

The heavy-duty double-paddle mixer

  • Mixing quantities of up to 24 gals.
  • Quick and easy
  • Fast and thorough
  • Universal and economical
  • Upright working position
  • Electronic speed control
  • With double action trigger

Makes your heavy work lighter. The counter-rotating heavy-duty double-paddle mixer Xo 55 duo makes lots of mixing jobs easier and quicker. There is no counter-torque on the user and the machine is easy to move even in heavy and viscous material. You can generally count on being finished in just half the time. That’s modern mixing!


What is the advantages of COLLOMIX hand-held mixer vs ordinary drill?

In comparison, with ordinary drills, Collomix hand-held paddle mixers are specially designed for heavy loads generated during mixing. The drive elements supply enough power and sufficient cooling for the motor even under the heaviest of loads, and the special gear units guarantee a long life and optimum performance.


Technical Specifications

Portable Paddle Mixer-COLLOMIX

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