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About Us

Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer in Singapore which specializes in construction equipment. The company was founded by Mr. Lawrance Chan established in the year 1981 sustaining a good reputation over the years. Tessin's headquarter and production occupies around 68,000 square feet and 41,000 square feet build up area. We focus on the distribution and manufacturing construction equipment representing various international brands around the world who are the best of its trade. We achieved the optimum trust from manufacturers coming from the United States, European countries, Korea, Japan and China. Our company presents a team of a professional and well-equipped workshop offering excellent knowledge and expertise. We have the ability to customise products and services that will give our customers a complete solution to their construction requirements. Teesin is committed to providing quality products and reliable services that will yield high productivity for the benefits of our business partners.