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construction equipment,Truss Screed

Floor Leveling

Floor leveling equipment refers to the tools and machinery used to make a floor surface even and flat. These tools are used to correct any imperfections in the floor such as sloping, unevenness, or rough spots.



Construction Machinery,floor scarifier

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation is the process of preparing the existing flooring to receive new flooring and ensure that your new flooring will look great, lay flat, stay bonded and not fail. In many cases, the existing flooring needs to be removed which can lead to a multitude of issues.

Construction Machinery,floor grinder

Floor Grinding & Polishing

A floor grinder is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces for free-movement floors. Free movement floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operate in random, non-defined directions and have an infinite number of travel paths.


Construction Machinery,drum mixer,cement mixer

Concrete Mixing

Mixing concrete is simply defined as the "complete blending of the materials which are required for the production of a homogeneous concrete". This can vary from hand to machine mixing, with machine mixing being the most common.

Construction Equipment,Mortar Sprayer,cement sprayer

Concrete Spraying

Sprayed concrete is the method by which concrete is sprayed into place, rather than the more conventionally used pouring or placing into the formwork. Wet process sprayed concrete: uses batched wet concrete pumped through a hose or pipe to a discharge nozzle where high-pressure air propels the concrete into position.

Construction Equipment,grout pump,concrete pump

Concrete Grouting

Grouting in civil engineering refers to the injection of pumpable materials into a soil or rock formation to change its physical characteristics. It is one of the ways groundwater can be controlled during civil engineering works. The purpose of grouting can be either to strengthen a formation or to reduce water flow through it. It is also used to correct faults in concrete and masonry structures.

construction machinery,dry core drill,BAIER

Concrete Coring

Concrete coring utilizes a diamond cutting drill to cut a perfect round hole in any concrete structure. The process is low-noise, dust-free and non-percussive, meaning it is the most popular choice when it comes to cutting.

construction machinery,concrete cutter,road cutter

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a process of controlled sawing, drilling and removing concrete. Skilled operators use special saws to cut concrete and asphalt with precision, accuracy and very few mistakes. A high-standard commercial concrete cutting company should be using these modern concrete coring strategies and tools.

construction equipment,pentruder wall saw,demolition equipment


Concrete demolition is the tearing down of concrete buildings and other structures. ... Concrete building demolition not only makes it possible for new communities to be built, but it also removes old and unsafe buildings from properties.

construction equipment,concrete breaker,paving breaker,demolition pick


A breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. It is powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

construction equipment,cimar tamping rammer,jumping jack

Road Repair

Construction of new roads, highways, flyovers, re-carpeting of roads or minor road repairs all come under the common header of road construction. Based of the nature of road construction various machines are used in different combinations to get the work done.

Elion tension load meter

Material Handling

A load cell is a transducer which converts force into measurable electrical output. Although there are many varieties of force sensors, strain gauge load cells are the most commonly used type.

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Construction Equipment

We provide all kind of portable construction equipment such as concrete vibrators, external, vibrator, generators, reinforcing bar bender and cutter, floor scraper and water pump etc 


Floor Cleaning

Pressure washing or power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mould, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Machines that produce pressures from 750 to 30,000 psi (5 to 200 MPa) or more are available.


Special Tools

We offer various portable tools such as portable grout pump, plaster sprayer, mist duster, concrete pump, epoxy injection pump, light tower, shotcrete pump,  water dosing meter, hammer tester, floor hardness tester etc.

A Guide to Buying the Best Construction Machinery for Your Needs 

When it comes to construction projects, the right pieces of machinery can make a big impact. Whether you're building a home or an office complex, understanding which types of construction machinery are best for your job can help ensure that your project goes smoothly and on schedule.

Understand the Types of Construction Machinery
Knowing the types of construction machinery available can help you decide what is best for your project. Heavy construction machineries such as cranes and bulldozers are used for large projects like engineering projects and the construction of buildings, while light construction machinery such as hand tools are used for smaller tasks such as repairing sidewalks or hanging drywall. A combination of both heavy and light machinery will likely be necessary for most projects.

Set a Budget Before Making Any Purchases. 
Before you begin your shopping, it’s important to set a budget that works for you. Decide what types of machinery are most important for the project, and how much you can realistically spend. Make sure to factor labor costs into your budget as well; hiring skilled workers to operate the equipment is just as important as buying it in the first place. Understanding your project's needs and setting a realistic budget before making any purchases will ensure that you get the best construction machinery for your money.

Consider the Reliability of the Machine You’re Buying. 
It’s important to understand the kind of reliability you need from your construction machinery. Different types of construction machines have different levels of reliability, so make sure you do your research before making any purchases. Look for reviews and testimonials from customers who have used the machine in the past, and keep in mind that newer models likely have more advanced features and better warranties. If a piece of machinery is known to break down regularly or is frequently in need of repair, it may not be worth investing in.

Take Into Account Energy Efficiency & Maintenance Costs. 
When choosing construction machinery, it’s important to consider more than just upfront costs. While the initial cost of a machine may seem appealing, there are ongoing maintenance and energy costs associated with it that can add up quickly. Look out for machines with low fuel consumption rates or those that don’t need frequent refueling or replacement parts. Additionally, see if the manufacturer offers any warranties or guarantees on the product - this could help to offset future repair and/or parts costs.

Look for Reputable Suppliers & Warranties.
One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting quality construction machinery is to purchase from a reputable supplier. Researching suppliers and reading customer reviews can help you find reliable and trustworthy businesses. Additionally, look for warranties or guarantees on construction machinery that might be offered by the manufacturer or seller - this can provide peace of mind knowing that any issues with machinery may be covered.

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