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A diamond resin pad is a type of floor-finishing tool that is used for concrete grinding and polishing applications. It is made by bonding diamond abrasives to a flexible resin matrix, which allows the pad to conform to the surface of the concrete. The diamond abrasives provide a high level of cutting efficiency and durability, making the diamond resin pad well-suited for heavy-duty concrete flooring applications.

Diamond resin pads are available in a variety of grits, ranging from coarse to fine, and they can be used to achieve a range of finishes, from rough to high gloss. They are typically used with a concrete floor grinder or polisher and are attached to the machine's rotating plate. The diamond resin pad is moved over the concrete surface in a slow, circular motion, and the abrasives in the pad grind down the concrete to achieve the desired finish.

Diamond resin pads are a popular choice for concrete flooring applications because they are flexible, durable, and provide a high level of cutting efficiency. However, it is important to note that operating a diamond resin pad requires specialized knowledge and training, and it is often necessary to hire a professional concrete contractor to achieve the desired results.

Buffing with grit 50 resin pad

Buffing with grit 100 resin pad

We are a construction equipment supplier that sell all kinds of diamond resin pad for  grinding and polishing of concrete, terrazzo, marbles, granite and engineered and natural stone ranging from grit 50.100,200,400 and 800.

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