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A generator is invaluable for many construction projects, especially those in remote or off-grid areas where they may be used to supplement or replace grid electricity to keep your equipment running.

Building sites, commercial and industrial activities, special events, and emergency backup often require renting generators. Before renting a petrol generator, you must know your application's size and power needs.

Why rent a generator?


Renting is cheaper upfront than buying. Large industrial generators cost over $10,000. If money is a concern, renting a petrol generator may be a better alternative, and the cost isn't the only benefit. The size must be consistent if you want a standby to power your whole business. Instead of buying a one-size-fits-all dumpster, rent one so you can choose the right size for each job.

Rental petrol generator includes connection and control panel. It is simpler to adjust than to buy one.

Get a rental generator today!


The rental models of Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd are customizable for various uses, from small events to construction and industrial locations. They're durable and may last weeks or months, and they're safe to keep outside and operate in rain and wind since they passed industrial water and air penetration tests.

Whether you're looking for anything for indoor or outdoor usage, we offer sale and repair services in addition to the rental options available in Singapore to meet your needs. We provide you with the best and safest brand generators from China, Europe, the United States, and Japan available in the business today. Please contact us right away.

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