Pentruder 3P8 HF-wire saw (Made in Sweden)

The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw is the result of all our efforts to create the best and most efficient wire saw on the market. It combines low weight with extraordinary performance and is suitable for both small and very big jobs. No concrete structure is too small or big to be cut with a Pentruder wire saw.


The set up is quick and mostly a direct cut without extra satellite pulleys is possible. The start of the wire is very easy thanks to the electrical automatic feed and high power of the drive motor.

The storage capacity is more than 20 meters depending on what combination of columns is used. We recommend the 22 kW HF-motor.


Technical Specifications


Learn More: How to operate Pentruder Wire Saw 3P8 for demolition.


What is a wire saw?

The wire saw is a cutting and dismantling tool for mines, blocks, curved boards, large slab stones, thick concrete, irregular concrete bars, bridge roads and so on. Easy installation, flexible use, transverse cutting, and vertical cutting.

Advantages :High speed, high cutting efficiency, and can be used for underwater cutting.


Disadvantages: The cost of the consumables is high, and the precision is not as good as the wall saw.


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