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Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd offers sales and rental of construction equipment and machinery for concrete leveling and finishing.  We supply power trowels, concrete screeds, truss screeds, laser paving screeds, hand trowels, and bull floats.

A floor leveling machine, power trowel, truss screed, and bull float are all tools used in the process of laying and finishing concrete floors.

A floor leveling machine, also known as a power trowel, is a mechanical tool that consists of a rotating blade attached to a handle and powered by an engine or motor. The blade rotates to evenly distribute and compact the concrete mixture, resulting in a levelled surface.

A truss screed is a type of concrete screed that consists of a series of interconnected metal sections that form a truss-like structure. It is mounted on support legs and is adjustable in length, allowing it to be used for a wide range of concrete flooring projects.

A bull float is a large, flat, rectangular tool used to smooth out concrete after it has been poured and spread. It is typically made of magnesium or aluminum and is equipped with handlebars for easy maneuvering.

Both floor leveling machines and bull floats are used to create a flat and level surface on freshly poured concrete. The truss screed is used to create a smooth surface by striking off excess concrete and consolidating it, while the bull float is used to remove rough spots and bring water to the surface to allow for proper curing.

Floor Levelling Machines

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