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Floor Screeder


The floor screeder can be armed with different length of screed blade. The screed blade has a flat bottom bearing surfaces with a width sufficient to permit the screed to float on the concrete while the screed is being guided by an operator. A vibratory mechanism is set to contact with the screed blade for tamping the concrete.

The screed vibrating blade enables you to reliably create high-quality floors regardless of the fluidity of the concrete and the size of the stones used in the concrete mix. The anti-vibrating technology was specifically created to lessen handle vibration and improve operator comfort. The floor screeder is easy to use and has a quiet, environmentally friendly motor that operates on standard unleaded gasoline. Additionally, to provide flawless control of operating speed, its throttle handle reacts swiftly and precisely.

Floor screed equipment quality is crucial for a professional and timely task. We offer rental, sales, and repair service of floor screeder machines for all projects and construction sites.

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