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IMPACTS STREAMER Shot-Blasting Machines (Made in Germany)



The STREAMER S210E from IMPACTS is the first mobile blastmachine in the world, using the new developed "Inline Separation system”. This allows a 100 % increase of the blasting capacity compared to the existing machines working on single phase 230V A.C.


The compact and very robust machine is easy to handle and can be used in small areas, that are difficult to reach. The STREAMER S210 has been specially developed to shotblast small to medium areas on concrete and asphalt as well as small steel areas. Main applications: walk ways, garages, pedestrian areas, basements, stairs etc.



A compact and powerful blast machine for machining of medium horizontal surfaces.

The STREAMER S270E75R from IMPACTS is a very compact and powerful mobile blast machine. It is used to blast medium size horizontal floors. It also can be used as an edging machine. 


Technical Specifications


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What is a shot blaster?

A shot blaster is machine that controls the flow or stream of fine metal beads as they are forcibly projected against a surface by mechanical acceleration. Shot blasting is the process of removing thin surface deposits by broadcasting fine metal beads at a high pressure without causing significant damage to the surface.


Shot Blasting Machines-IMPACTS

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