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BDB825 (Made in Germany)

Diamond dry core drilling machine for precise coring in reinforced concrete from 60 mm up to 200 mm
Easy conversion from dry to wet core drilling thanks to a fast interchangeable wet adapter
Soft impact can be switched on / off easily
Soft impact accelerates working speed in hard material and moves the dust from the diamond segments away
Fast change to effective and dust-free socket sinking rial and f rthet the Bohrmehl from den Diamondsegmenten weg
Schneller Wechsel zu wirkungsfullem and staubfreien Dosensenken with1 1/4 UNC-thread
Integrierte Wasserwage zur Ausrichtung the Maschine
scope of supply:: Diamond-Nass-/ TrockenCoring machine BDB 825 (Basisausf hrung trocken) in metall case, copperpaste and Gabelschl ssel

Safe through worldwide unique Safety Tronic
No overload through electronics and thus no waiting time, immediate re-start of motor
Low working cost through electronical and mechanical clutch since mechanical clutch due to electronics almost wear-free
Electronics for soft-


Technical Specifications


What is a core drill?

A core drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core drills used in metal are called annular cutters. Core drills used for concrete are generally called Diamond Core Drills and are water cooled. For drilling masonry, carbide core drills can be used

Core Drill-Dry-BAIER