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IMER Plaster Sprayer is a type of spray machine used to apply plaster, stucco, or other similar materials to walls and surfaces. It is made by the Italian company IMER Group, which is a well-known brand in the construction equipment industry. The plaster sprayer is designed to make the application of these materials faster, more efficient, and more consistent than traditional hand-trowel methods. Some models of IMER Plaster Sprayer may come with adjustable spray patterns and flow control, allowing the user to fine-tune the application process to suit different materials and conditions. These sprayers are widely used in construction, renovation, and repair projects, and they are valued for their ease of use, durability, and performance.

IMER Plaster Sprayer Koine 4 (Made in Italy)

Three-phase plaster sprayer for mixing and spraying plastering mortars in bags or from silo: premixed materials, gypsum base premixed materials, insulating plasters, lightened materials


For mixing and spraying plastering mortars in bags or from silo: premixed materials, gypsum base premixed materials, insulating plasters, lightened materials.


Technical Specifications

Plaster Sprayer-IMER Koine 4

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