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b&m Portable Screw Pump BM 7 series (Made in Germany)


BMP 7 is easy to transport, a step-less adjustable pump for the work with pre-mixed and pumpable materials up to 3mm grain size.


The pre-mixed material is filled inside the material hopper. The mixing shaft is conveying the material to the excenter pump. During this procedure, the material gets an additional mixing.


Now the excenter pump conveys the material through the material hose to the mortar spray lance. 


Technical Specifications



-Easy to transport (19kg)

-Wide range of application

-Especially for renovation

-Robust and easy to service

-Detachable into § parts

-Quick cleaning

-Rewind gear for pressure discharge

-Output step-less adjustable

-Also suitable for spray application & renovation grouting

-Maximum working pressure: 20bars

-Conveying distance- max 30 meters

-Input power- 230v, 50Hz, single phase, 1.8kw

-Pumping Capacity- 1.2 to 20 litres/min

Portable Screw Pump-b&m BMP 7 series

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