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Roller Compactor Rental


Are you in search of a roller compactor for your next construction project?

Get help from Teesin Machinery Pte. Ltd.’s roller compactor in Singapore! 

A roller compactor, also known as a road roller or simply a roller, is one type of compaction equipment. It is (a single or) two wheeled vehicle with a large mass commonly used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or other road materials such as asphalt.

They are mostly used in road, dam, and foundation construction. They can also be used in landfills and for agricultural purposes. Essentially, two types of rollers are distinguished by their handling and manoeuvrability:

  1. Ride-on roller

  2. Roller for walking behind


Our company aims to maintain its perseverance spirit by providing excellent branded products and first-rated rental, sales, and repair services and will achieve new heights in the twenty-first century. We are always there for you if you need a quality roller compactor rental near me. If you need expert advice on purchasing a high-quality roller compactor at a competitive price for your next project, contact us, and our extensive network of roller supplies will assist you in meeting your project objectives.

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