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IMER SMALL-50 Screw Pump is a portable pump made by the Italian manufacturer IMER Group. This pump uses a screw-like rotational motion to transfer fluid or other materials, making it well-suited for a variety of applications in the construction and industrial industries. Some features of the IMER SMALL-50 Screw Pump may include a lightweight and durable design, a reliable and efficient pumping system, and user-friendly controls for easy operation. These pumps are valued for their versatility, portability, and low maintenance requirements, making them a popular choice for a variety of applications where a dependable and efficient pumping solution is needed.

IMER SMALL 50 (Made in Italy)

Multipurpose Pumping and Spraying Machine


The Mighty SMALL 50 can operate continuously on 110v 20 amp service. This machine has the ability to spray or pump up to 3.5 gallons of material per minute through 85 ft. of 1" hose. The versatility of the Mighty SMALL 50 is very impressive - spray fireproofing, pump grout into door jams, fill moulds at precast plants, spray stucco onto residential homes, apply the grout to finish rock walls. Easy to use, easy to clean, it’s a money-making machine.


Technical Specifications


Learn More: How to do pressure grouting & mortar spraying.




screw pump is a displacement pump that uses a screw or multiple screws to displace cement or grout mixaxially along the pump's axis. The pressure created by the interlocking screws pushes the fluid into the system. Within the cylinder's interior, these screws mesh and move resonantly.

The screw pump is suitable for the following applications such as spraying waterproofing materials or paints, spraying traditional sand and cement materials, spraying fireproofing materials, spraying premixed acrylic materials, pumping non - shrink grouts into formworks, injection of PU materials into walls&slabs,


The screw pump has many of the advantages of other pumping solutions. Similar to the centrifugal pump, it has no pressure or suction valves. Also, similar to the piston pump, the eccentric screw pump also has an excellent pumping speed. The flow rate depends on velocity andis constant.The screw pumphandles pumped materials with high viscosity, high particle size, fibers, and inhomogeneous or abrasive materials.


Spraying particularly heavy materials such as gypsum or filler can be a difficult task. The key benefit of screw pumps is that they demand less physical effort than other machine processing methods to produce fast operating speeds and high-quality surface outcomes. Additionally, surfaces can be reinforced, filled, coated, or plastered much more quickly. It is increasingly noticeable the more time and materials are saved on more surface areas.


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Screw Pump - IMER SMALL-50

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