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EXEN Concrete Poker-Hand-Held (Made in Japan)

Remove air bubbles in setting concrete
A EXEN hand-held concrete poker, also known as a concrete vibrator, is a tool used in construction to consolidate freshly poured concrete and remove air pockets. It is designed to be held by hand and inserted into the wet concrete mixture, where it creates vibration to help settle the mixture and distribute the aggregates evenly, resulting in a dense and homogeneous final product. Hand-held concrete pokers are portable and versatile, making them suitable for use in a variety of concrete pouring and finishing applications.

Easy to use, lightweight and maneuverable
The concrete vibrator can be used vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. The 1.5m shaft and rotatable base make it easy to reach the required areas without excessive bending or stooping. The system features a lock-on button, making extended use simple and comfortable.

Low-noise, compact and portable

A compact design and low weight make the Concrete Poker easy to hold and handle throughout a working day. It operates with minimal noise, so you won't need ear protection during use. A convenient carrying handle, reliable motor, and steel-reinforced shaft make this product one that will last and last as you take it from job to job. Its small size and powerful motor make it an excellent choice for both home and industrial use.


Technical Specification

Concrete Poker-Hand-Held-EXEN

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