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What is a resin pad?

Resin-bonded diamond tools or resin polishing pads are made by mixing diamond grit with various formulations of resin powders to produce a solid homogenous, multi-layered bond commonly used for very light grinding and polishing.


There are four common diamond bonds: resin bond, sintered bond, electroplating, and vacuum brazing. There are three major resin bond types: marble, granite and concrete resin bond. Each resin bond is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of the tool on the material. Each of the materials vary widely in their density, hardness, and abrasiveness, so selecting the correct resin formulation is critical. 


Binder materials range from ceramic to resin, and different materials are used for specific applications. Binder hardness is important. A binder that's too soft will wear away quickly when processing an abrasive material like concrete. Nearly all wet polishing pads use a resin binder, and resins vary.


Technical Specifications

Polising Pads-HTG

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