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Klindex KP85 is a type of polishing agent manufactured by Klindex, an Italian company that specializes in floor grinding and polishing equipment. KP85 is a diamond abrasive polishing compound designed for use on concrete, terrazzo, and other similar flooring materials. The product is formulated to provide a fast, efficient, and consistent polishing process, resulting in a high-quality, glossy finish.KP85 can be used in conjunction with floor grinding machines to achieve a high level of surface smoothness and shine. It is typically used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, such as warehouses, shopping centers, and homes. The product is valued for its versatility, performance, and user-friendly features, making it a popular choice among flooring professionals.


Excellent powder for polishing marble and terrazzo after grinding. It can also be used for daily maintenance of polished marble, terrazzo, porcelain and glass surfaces. KP85 is a mix of fine abrasive powders to be mixed with water to quickly remove caked-on soil, soap scum, and embedded stains from grout immediately.



New polishing cream specifically made for polishing granite and stone. The periodic use help to maintain the brightness and improve resistance to high traffic and avoid the mirco-abrasion and opacification of the floor.



To maintain polished marble and terrazzo floor surfaces. Their formula allows the surface to “breath” through microscopic pores of the stone.



Daily cleaner and sealer soap for polished marble and terrazzo floors. It leaves the floors waterproof and high glossy. Ideal to wash the floor application of polish powder.


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