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Xingyi Tank1500 Floor Grinder

The Tank 1500 is a remote-controlled as well as a ride-on floor grinder with a grinding width of 1550mm applicable for concrete floor grinding of large floor area. The Tank1500 is equipped with two 18.5KW well-known brand Inovance motors. The Tank 1500 has superior cutting power and higher grinding pressure. It is easy to control and capable of maneuvering in a tight spot.  


Features and Advantages

  1. 1550mm large working width of planetary grinding disc can achieve floor preparation and polishing of large area in a short time; which means higher cost saving in manpower and improve efficiency for the flooring project.
  2.  Equipped with exclusive seats and adopting ergnomic design to allow operator to work at ease.
  3.  Equipped with highly stable remote control and data collection system to record intuitive grinding data and fault information during operation.
  4. It is compact and easy to operate with a clear and easy to read control panel.
  5. One-key lifting, strong chipping force, easy control, small turning radius, super grinding pressure.


Technical Parameters

Motor Power18.5kw*2
Grinding pressure980kg
Rotating speed450-1500rpm
Grinding discs278*8mm
Grinding width1550mm
Water tank25L
Water spray systemYes
Vacuum cleaner power7.5kw
Max theoretical airflow1000 m³/hour
Walking motor2kw*2 units

Floor Grinder-Xingyi Tank 1500

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