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The TOKU TBP-40 is a type of air-powered concrete breaker. It is designed for heavy-duty demolition work in concrete and masonry structures. The TBP-40 is equipped with a powerful motor and operates using compressed air, making it a reliable and efficient tool for breaking up concrete and other tough materials. It is commonly used in construction, demolition, and excavation projects. Some of the features of the TBP-40 may include a lightweight design, low vibration operation, and easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications


What is a concrete breaker?


A concrete breaker or a demolition hammer is a powerful tool meant to break down large walls made of concrete. There are a variety of sizes and styles that you can purchase. A demolition hammer is not just meant to use on walls but can be used on any material that is thick, bulky and solid.


We have a wide variety of breakers and equipment that may be used for various demolition tasks, including breaking roads, pavement slabs, and other hard surfaces. The Electric Concrete Breaker is a tool excavators use to smash massive, hard things such as building concrete, large stones, concrete highways, and so on with high-frequency impact.


The electric concrete breaker uses motor, causing it to spin rapidly, which in turn causes the crushing hammer to generate a high-frequency impact, crushing the target. Teesin offers high-quality, well-known local and branded electric concrete breakers for sales and rental. We also provide repair services at a very competitive cost.


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