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A BAIER surface milling machine is a machine tool used to remove material from a workpiece surface to produce a flat and smooth surface. A hand-held surface milling machine is a type of surface milling machine that can be easily held and operated by hand. The BAIER brand hand-held surface milling machine is a type of portable machine used for removing material from metal or concrete surfaces. These machines typically use cutting tools, such as milling cutters, to remove material from the surface. Hand-held surface milling machines are commonly used in a variety of industries, including metalworking, machinery repair, and construction.

BAIER BFF222-Surface Treatment with BAIER

Surface Milling Machine:- It doesn’t matter whether you are indoors or outdoors, milling floors, walls, concrete, screed or stone - with BAIER PROFESSIONAL solutions for milling, grinding and polishing, you can easily complete even large projects quickly, cost-effectively and with precision down to the last millimeter. The face miller BFF 222 is a perfect example. You can mill an area of 1 m² plaster up to 6 mm depth in less than 2 minutes. Even the hazard-free milling of lead paint is possible and leaves you far below the limit of 0,1 mg/m³. The innovative BAIER hard metal and turnable face miller can give you up to 4 times longer life.


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Surface Milling Hand-held-BAIER BFF222

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