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Macdonald Scabbler Hand-Held MSG3 (Made in Scotland)

The Macdonald MSG3 triple head hand scabbler is designed for medium-duty work in descaling, laitance removal & concrete repair work. Shaped handle for operator comfort. Interchangeable Tungsten Carbide tipped pistons for an effective production & long life. Lightweight & maneuverable for working in confined spaces. Designed for quick & easy maintenance without specialist tools.


Technical Specifiations


What is a scabbler?

Scabbler is a compressed air powered machine with several carbide steel tips that peck at the concrete, reducing stone or concrete. It operates by pounding a number of tipped rods down onto the concrete surface in rapid succession. It takes several passes with the machine to achieve the desired depth.

Scabbler Hand-Held-Macdonald

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