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A mist duster sprayer, also known as a fogger, is a type of machine that uses high-pressure to atomize liquids into tiny droplets that are then sprayed into the air as a mist or fog. Mist dusters, or foggers, can be used for a variety of applications, including insect control, crop protection, sanitization, and more. The specific features and specifications of a mist duster sprayer will depend on the specific model and the manufacturer's specifications, but common features may include adjustable pressure, adjustable droplet size, and a variety of nozzles to suit different applications. The mist duster sprayer may be powered by electricity, gasoline, or other power sources, and may be handheld or mounted on a stand or cart.

KB-15002E electric-powered mist sprayer(Fogger) is used to apply a barrier treatment of residual insecticide onto and into pesticide harborage areas.


It is also used to apply a barrier of disinfectant for disinfection and sterilization of public areas such as dormitories, offices, shopping malls,etc.


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Technical Specifications


Mist Duster Sprayer(Fogger) - CIMAR Xingyi

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