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CIMAR Industrial Vacuum (Made in Korea)

A CIMAR industrial vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner designed for heavy-duty cleaning and material handling in industrial and commercial settings. The CIMAR brand industrial vacuum is a powerful and durable vacuum cleaner designed for use in demanding cleaning applications. Industrial vacuums are typically used in applications where large volumes of dust, debris, or other materials need to be quickly and efficiently collected and removed. They are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and other industries where cleaning and material handling are critical tasks.


Whether you manage a food processing facility, a pharmaceutical plant, or a construction jobsite,  or a metalworking shop, an industrial vacuum cleaner will help you streamline your housekeeping and ensure a safe work environment.


Technical Specifications


What is an industrial vacuum cleaner?

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a machine used for general cleaning in an industrial environment, as well as many other more specific applications, not necessarily related to simple cleaning. Industrial vacuums can be of many different types. When the situation so requires, they may be modified or purpose-built for the specific application in which they are to be used. The most common categories of vacuum cleaners are: heavy-duty single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners,industrial vacuum cleaner for oil and shavings,air operated vacuum cleaner,vacuum cleaner for continuous recovery of waste and scraps,centralized vacuum systems and dust extraction vacuum cleaners.

Industrial Vacuum-CIMAR HJ

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