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HTG Diamond Segment (Made in China)

What is a diamond segment?

Diamond segments are the function parts of a metal-bonded diamond tool. The metal-bonded diamond tool can be a metal-bonded diamond blade, a diamond grinding cup wheel, a diamond core drill bit, a diamond gang saw blade, etc. The diamonds of a metal-bonded diamond tool are all in the tool's diamond segments to play their role of cutting or grinding.

The features of the diamond segments on a diamond tool should match the nature of the material to be cut. If the material is hard, the bond of the diamond segments should be softer. Because diamonds are apt to become blunt when cutting hard material. The softer bond can be worn down with the blunt diamonds faster, and then make new diamonds beneath be more easily exposed to participate in cutting. If the material is relatively softer, the bond should be harder. For in this case diamonds can last longer. The harder bond wears slower so that it can hold the diamonds also longer. This can make better use of the diamonds and prolong the diamond tool's service life.


The grit (size), hardness and concentration of the diamonds in the diamond segments should also be considered. For example, when the material to be cut is soft, the diamonds' size can be big, hardness can be medium, and concentration should be a little bit higher. This combination can get good cutting efficiency, and at the same time prolong the blade's life. When the material is hard, the diamonds' size should be small, hardness should be high, and concentration can be a little bit lower.


Technical Specifications


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Diamond Segment-HTG

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