Macdonald Demolition Pick DM11S (Made in Scotland)

The Macdonald DM11S is the most versatile tool for general work and ideal for demolition in brick or concrete. Well balanced & Maneuverable for working in confined areas with a choice of outside or inside the trigger.Quiet, durable one-piece silencer/muffler, quick-change latch retainer, and reversible Handle through 180 degrees.


Technical Specifications


What is a demolition pick or demolition hammer?

demolition hammer is a powerful tool that is specifically designed for demolition of a structure. It is typically powerful and heavy and hence it is utilized for breaking down a variety of substances, ranging from wooden walls to concrete floors. It is used to bring down entire walls made out of tough concrete, for instance. It serves as an essential tool for all kinds of construction crews.

Demolition Pick-Macdonald DM11S

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