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CIMAR Mortar Mixer (Made in China)

CIMAR Mortar Mixer is a type of construction equipment used to mix mortar, grout, or other similar materials. The specific features and specifications of a CIMAR Mortar Mixer may vary depending on the model and size, but they are generally designed to be durable, reliable, and efficient, helping to reduce the amount of manual labor required during construction projects. Some common features of a CIMAR Mortar Mixer may include a sturdy and durable drum, a powerful mixing system, and user-friendly controls for easy operation. These mixers are widely used in construction, renovation, and repair projects, and they are valued for their performance, low maintenance requirements, and versatility.


What is a mortar mixer?

Mortar mixers are made up of a stationary barrel and an internal paddle with a rubber strip. The paddle rotates and simultaneously mixes the mortar while scraping the sides of the barrel keeping the adhesive mortar from sticking to its sides. These heavy-duty mixers are tough enough to handle a range of jobs including stucco, plaster, epoxy, terrazzo, drywall mud, paint or grout.

While they work well for mortar mixtures, they should NEVER be used for cement / concrete mixtures. A much courser mixture like concrete causes wear on the rubber strips and pieces of rock or gravel can clog the paddle.


Technical Specifications

Mortar Mixer-CIMAR