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A diamond grinding disc is a type of abrasive cutting tool used for grinding and shaping hard materials, such as concrete, masonry, stone, and other abrasive materials. It is composed of a metal disc or plate with diamonds embedded into the surface. The diamonds provide a hard and abrasive cutting surface, while the metal plate helps to dissipate heat and support the diamonds during use. Diamond grinding discs come in various shapes, sizes, and bonds, and are used with angle grinders, floor grinders, and other power tools. They are used for applications such as removing concrete coatings, grinding concrete surfaces, and shaping concrete edges. The use of diamond grinding discs provides a fast and efficient way to grind and shape concrete, and their long lifespan makes them cost-effective compared to traditional abrasive materials.


For Expander 530 / Hercules 551 / Hercules 550 / Hercules 451 / Hercules 450 / Levighetor 650 / Planetario k1500



For Expander 1000 / Expander 850 / Expander 750 / Expander 650 /  Expander 580 / Levighetor Max / Hercules 800 / Hercules 650 / Hercules 601 



  • Removing resin coatings
  • Floor Preparation
  • Bush Hammering (anti-slip)
  • Polishing Concrete Floors
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Antique Finishing


Technical Specifications


Learn More: Selection of diamond blades & segments

Diamond Grinding Disc-Klindex

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