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KLINDEX Industrial Vacuum (Made in Italy)

KLINDEX SUPERVAK 200 is the ideal dust collector for all those who have to vacuum big quantities of dust and who have to carry the machine from a place to another. It has been specifically designed to be connected to floor sanders, to grinders, to scarifiers or to shot blasting machines. It is equipped with a telescopic frame which can be used:

• In the “high position” while working to greatly amplify the “cyclone effect” and the filtering power. The higher is the filter chamber, the easier is the separation of dust from the air, resulting in less clogging of filters.

• In the “low” position for transportation in order to reduce its dimensions and to be easily loaded even in small vans.

The ASC series is equipped with a control unit with 4 automatic self-cleaning programs that greatly increases the performance of the vacuum cleaner. A secondary filter protects the engine in case of accidental passage of dust through the main filters.

HEPA Filter Included




Whether you manage a food processing facility, a pharmaceutical plant, or a construction jobsite,  or a metalworking shop, an industrial vacuum cleaner will help you streamline your housekeeping and ensure a safe work environment.


Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for many different applications and environments. Here are seven questions to help you determine which vacuum is right for you.

Industrial Vacuum-KLINDEX