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The National Floor Scraper is a type of power tool used to remove floor coverings such as carpet, tile, or vinyl. The floor scraper is equipped with a powerful motor and a sharp blade, allowing it to easily scrape and pry up the flooring material, while the handle provides leverage and helps to distribute the weight of the tool.


The 550 is ideal for residential work and tight, confined spaces on commercial jobs. The accelerated RPM orbital cutting action delivers an efficient and operator-friendly machine. With decibel ratings under industry and safety standards, this machine is a must-have.



  • Kickplate/foot bar provides additional leverage to glide through the material and reduce back stress



  • Adjustable height and removable handle; easily condenses for transport in any size vehicle


  • Angle-adjustment wheel changes pitch of the blade in seconds
  • 1 HP motor with industrial-grade shaft has powerful torque for removing tough applications
  • Removable front weight provides additional down pressure and facilitates easy loading/unloading
  • Orbital cutting action rotates the blade to cut through a range of materials over various substrates; extends the life cycle of the machine while reducing maintenance costs


Technical Specifications


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Floor Scraper-National

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