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Demolition Hammer, Concrete Breaker:-

■ Shock absorbing design, Impact reducing ergonomic design, Durable zinc-plated frame
■ Ensure moil is completely inserted and locked in place
■ Use trigger lock whilst operating to keep machine running
■ Keep feet and hands clear of moil at all times
■ Keep wheels in contact with the ground at all times
■ Easy demolition assistant - a revolutionary trolley helps you work smart.
■ No more struggling or bending trying to handle heavy hammers,
■ the Easy Demolition Assistant takes the pain out of demolition.
■ Lifts all types of lino and tiles, breaks rocks and blocks,
■ cracks concrete and sandstone all with a minimum effort.
■ With a wide-angle range, the Jack Hammer Trolley adapts to any situation.


Technical Specifications


What is a concrete breaker?

A concrete breaker or a demolition hammer is a powerful tool meant to break down large walls made of concrete. There are a variety of sizes and styles that you can purchase. A demolition hammer is not just meant to use on walls but can be used on any material that is thick, bulky and solid.

Demolition Hammer

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