Screw Pump for Plastering & Grouting-IMER STEP-120 | Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd

IMER STEP-120 (Made in Italy)

Single-phase/three-phase plaster sprayer for the professional plasterers with conventional mortar and premixed materials.  For spraying and pumping conventional mortar and premixed plasters, fibre-reinforced and refractory mortars, grouting, fireproof materials, self-levelling screeds, for reinforcing injections at controlled pressure. It can also perform high volumn grouting at a required controlled pressure.


Technical Specifications


What is a wall plaster sprayer?

It is a screw pump that convey cement or grouting materials to spray on walls, to fill joints, to inject cement grout into piles or anchors, to pump self-levelling floor screeds, to spray traditional mortar and premixed plasters, lime-based plasters, insulating plasters, cement, gypsum plasters, anhydrite products.

Screw Pump for Plastering & Grouting-IMER STEP-120