IMER SMALL 50 (Made in Italy)

Multipurpose Pumping and Spraying Machine

The Mighty SMALL 50 can operate continuously on 110v 20 amp service. This machine has the ability to spray or pump up to 3.5 gallons of material per minute through 85 ft. of 1" hose. The versatility of the Mighty SMALL 50 is very impressive - spray fireproofing, pump grout into door jams, fill moulds at precast plants, spray stucco onto residential homes, apply the grout to finish rock walls. Easy to use, easy to clean, it’s a money-making machine.


Technical Specifications


Learn More: How to do pressure grouting & mortar spraying.


What is a wall plaster sprayer?

It is a screw pump that conveys cement or grouting materials to spray on walls, to fill joints, to inject cement grout into piles or anchors, to pump self-levelling floor screeds, to spray traditional mortar and premixed plasters, lime-based plasters, insulating plasters, cement, gypsum plasters, anhydrite products.

Screw Pump for Plastering & Grouting-IMER SMALL-50

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