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Elica polishing pads are a type of floor maintenance product that are used to clean and polish concrete, marble, terrazzo, and other types of flooring materials. KLINDEX is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of floor maintenance products and equipment, and the KLINDEX ELICA polishing pads are part of their product line.Polishing pads work by using the rotary motion of a floor polisher or buffer to scrub and polish the surface of the floor. KLINDEX ELICA polishing pads are designed to be long-lasting and efficient, and they come in a range of grits and abrasiveness levels to suit different flooring materials and levels of wear and tear. Some of the key features of KLINDEX ELICA polishing pads may include a durable construction, an efficient and effective abrasive formula, and a flexible design that allows for easy attachment and removal from the polisher or buffer.

Elica Diamond Pads (Made in Italy)

The best solution for Concrete, Terrazzo and Natural stones.



A) Polished concrete, trowelled concrete and concrete overlay (like Utratop or Pandomo) polishing.
B) Marble, Terrazzo and natural stone restoration and polishing. It can be used wet on natural stone or dry on concrete and screed. Thanks to the flexible support and its design it allows us to grind, sand and hone the surface fast leaving a homogeneous finish. Elica is the best solution for semi-gloss, honed and matt finish on trowelled concrete or screed without exposing the aggregate. The best solution for concrete preparation before densification and sealing. The Elica series is available in 4”, 5.5”, 8”, 9.5”, 13”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 20” and 26" size, other sizes upon request.


Technical Specifications


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Polishing Pads-KLINDEX ELICA

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