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Laser Screed

The Laser Concrete Screed uses advanced laser leveling technology to screed, level and vibrate the concrete to a smoothly finished grade in one pass. The operator will be able to work faster because the Screed sets grade automatically, allowing the operator to move quickly and efficiently through the work area. The Screed is compact and lightweight in design to ensure ease of operation. With a laser-controlled system, the work can now achieve high accuracy, increase productivity and cost-efficiency to the business advantage.

Product Description

A laser screed is a machine used to both level and vibrate concrete used in floors. The method is typically used in large floor pours, such as retail or warehouse structures.

A laser-emitting device is placed on a static location outside the pour. Two laser receivers on the ends of the screed align themselves with the laser to keep a floor pour level during placement. An auger inside the screed levels and vibrates the concrete as the screed pulls over the wet surface, similar to any hand-screed operations.

The advantages of the laser screed are (generally) more level and even-thickness concrete floors. The disadvantages are cost and the necessity of a competent operator.