Concrete Grinder-CM

Teesin's self-developed multi-grinder machine is a powerful machine that can be readily adapted for different applications. This machine is generalized by changing its abrasive cutting material. It can be used for many different applications. These applications are concrete grinding, concrete polishing, epoxy removal, trowel mark removal, rust removal, cement stain removal, adding texture to slippery surfaces and grinding high spots.

Product Description

A concrete grinder can come in many configurations, the most common being a hand-held Angle grinder, but it may be a specialized tool for countertops or worktops. There are also purpose-built floor grinders that are used for grinding and polishing marble, granite and concrete. Machines that grind concrete floors are usually made to handle much more stress and will have more power to drive the unit as concrete has a much higher sliding friction than marble or granite which is also worked wet, therefore with less friction. In fact some types of marble will spark when it is ground dry, causing deep damage to the marble surface.