Coring Machine
Coring Machine

Research has shown that surplus power is one of the solutions to ensuring the durability of the motor. This ensures the motor will operate efficiently on all site and domestic power supplies. The durability of equipment is increased with the reduction of its weight (Advanced molding technology, drilling of holes in gear wheels, hollow spindle shaft). It is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw.

HYBRID COLUMN is used. The outer shell of the column is made of thin extruded steel tube while the inner core is constructed of high-quality aluminum adding strength and rigidity. The benefits are weight reduction and increase wear resistance. The steel outer shell decreases the oscillation caused by vibration from the core bit. The strong aluminum profile provides reinforcement ensuring rigidity and accuracy of the column in all drilling situations.

Metal guide rollers are used for the carriage. The metal guide rollers offer more rigidity than that of plastic rollers or plastic sliding plates.

The noise level achieved with these models is 84db(A) at no load without compromising the cooling capacity. A new design plastic cooling fan is used and the opening of the air inlet is enlarged. Design of the inside of the motor enclosure direct all available air to the components that must be kept cool.

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