Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer in Singapore which specializes in construction equipment. The company was established in the year 1981 sustaining a good reputation over the years.Teesin’s headquarter and production occupies around 68,000 square feet and 41,000 square feet built up area. We focus on the distribution and manufacturing construction equipments representing various and international brands around the world who are BEST of its Trade. We achieved the optimum trust from manufacturers coming from Japan, United States and major European Countries.Our company presents team of professional and well equipped workshop offering excellent knowledge and expertise. We have the ability to customize products and services as well as the request of our valued clients. We guarantee accurate and reliable services that will give you complete solution to your construction needs.Teesin Machinery Pte Ltd is committed to provide quality products and reliable services that will yield high productivity for the benefits of our business partners

Company Mission:
Quality Service, Customer-Oriented, Professionalism, Reliable, and Thoughtful.The following are some of the products we offer:

For Material Handling
Tension Load Meter

For Floor Preparation
Walk Behind Power Trowel
Ride-On Power Trowel
Ultra-Flat Screeder
Floor Screeder
Scarifying Machine
Shot Blast Machine


For your construction job application, products selection, and purchasing matters:
Mr. Chan Sieng-Ka, Director
BSc(Mechanical Engineering)
Email: skchan@teesin.com.sg
Mobile/Whatsapp: +65 9151 2811

For Coring and Cutting
Coring Machine
Hi-Freq Wall Saw / Wire Saw
Hydraulic Power Pack / Hydraulic Hand Saw
Core Drill

For Road Repair
Tamping Rammer
Plate Compactor
Road Cutter
Concrete Breaker


For general enquiries on our products regarding rental and sales matters:
Ms. Joey Phang, Ms. Shirley Ong
Email: info@teesin.com.sg  or

Construction Equipment
Concrete Vibrator
External Vibrator
High Frequency Concrete Vibrator

Concrete Repair
Grout Pump
Epoxy Pump
Injection Pump




For after-sales technical support of our products and complains matters:
– Mr Haiqal,
Engineer Assistant
Email: service@teesin.com.sg
Mobile/Whatsapp: +65 9830 0906
– Mr James Chan Wei Rong,
Engineer Assistant
Email: cj@teesin.com.sg
Mobile/Whatsapp: +65 9277 0815
– Ms Tham Wai Teng,
Engineer Assistant
Email: waiteng@teesin.com.sg

Spike Roller and Shoes
Diamond Blade
Diamond Holemaker







For all suppliers to Teesin and logistics matters:
– Mr. Chan Ching Ching
Managing Director
BSc(Computer Engineering)
Email: ccchan@teesin.com.sg
Mobile/Whatsapp: +65-91123 728
– Mr. Thai Thian Loy,
Logistic Officier
Email: tianloy@teesin.com.sg
– Ms. Elaine Chan Yoke Ling
Account Executive/Book-Keeper
Email: elaine@teesin.com.sg